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Saving people in the era of digital transformation


The preservation of the people of Russia is defined by the President of the country as the most important state priority. This provides a basis for the participation of representatives of the scientific community in a dialogue with government agencies on the protection of the population from harmful factors of influence on humans that have arisen as a result of the practical use of the achievements of modern science and technology, including the conflicting sides of humanism. Such factors include an increase in the electromagnetic background in settlements due to the massive proliferation of devices for transmitting and receiving information, the development of non-contact diagnostics using radio wave radiation, the development and use of the latest psychotropic substances, the development of methods and means of wave action on people with the ability to influence their behavior. and the state of health, the emergence of radiation weapons. The threat of the use of such weapons and means by criminal groups is growing in society. Onoprienko

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