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Discussion on the structure of society, power class and natural essence of man led us to the article "Foundations of a deceitful society", where I showed that the society in which we live is completely deceitful. And that there are hidden forces that deliberately keep humanity in slavery. The techniques and technologies of these forces are unique. They are based on the duality of hierarchies, when the incorporeal rules the corporeal. The hidden forces are adept at using power techniques. And their effective level lies outside the scientific and technical progress, the economy, and much higher. This is the level of worldview, ideology and politics. And they also have a systemic duality: the level of personality and the level of society. These forces skillfully manipulate people who, as if speaking on their own behalf, but consciously, deliberately and voluntarily serve the enemy, expanding the clan of collaborators.

Keywords: The problem is that everyone is model oriented, which is wrong. It is necessary to be based on objective reality. Model is an orientation towards personality, towards leadership personality. And this is wrong. Any even the most outstanding leader, genius or even a large group of them is nothing in front of organized humanity, their collective mental labor, common knowledge, collective intelligence.


Logic and reality // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2021. – № 5;
URL: (Date Access: 23.06.2024).

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