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Abstract:The creative contribution of Academician A.D. Ursul, his students to the development of the noospheric scientific knowledge of Citizens, the noosphere mission of education, culture, institutions of management of a global society that allows strategically adequate, futurologically proactive consideration of global threats, risks, challenges to the foundations of life of current, future gen-erations of Grazhdan is considered. The bezalternativity of noospheric strategy of security of civilization in nature is shown.

Keywords: Key words: The noosphere nature of mankind; noospheric intellite Personali-ties; the noospheric imperative of society; noospheric culture of subjects of civili-zation; noospheric monitoring of sustainable development.


// Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2020. – № 1;
URL: (Date Access: 24.06.2024).

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