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Public Group "RA Creator Treasury Fund"


The Public Group "Fund Treasury of the Creator RA" was created for actions that bring the Development, Multiplication and Prosperity of the Russian People and the Light Great Russia, bringing Harmony and Creative Knowledge of the RA to All People of the Earth! "The Russian People are all the indigenous peoples living in the skete of Russia, in the Russian Empire, who adopted the Great Russian Culture, formed from the Great Slavic-Aryan Vedic heritage of our Many-wise Ancestors, which has always flourished and harmoniously united all the peoples of the Light Great Russia."Each Project of the Fund is only a Creative and Positive activity for the socio-economic development and prosperity of our Light Great Russia.

Keywords: kaznara, Onoprienko V.I., noosfera


Public Group "RA Creator Treasury Fund" // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2020. – № 5;
URL: (Date Access: 14.06.2024).

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