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GENERAL GOAL FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HUMANITY AND THE BIOSPHERE The scientific basis for designing the future.


The work shows the foundations of the conceptual and methodological principles of social changes in society and noospheric sustainable development based on the laws of evolution of life as a cosmoplanetary phenomenon. Through analysis of manifestation of the laws of nature in the evolution of the biosphere, the statement that the noosphere is the future of mankind is being subsequently revealed. The parameters of this future were prepared by the entire course of evolution of biosphere over several billion years. Now the time has come when the responsibility for its future fate should be assumed by mankind, every country, every person. But for this you need to know the grounds on which this future is based. This basis is the general laws of nature. Their manifestation in the development of mankind is reflected in this work. Particular emphasis is placed on the requirement of measurable quantities to describe the laws of nature. The basis of this requirement is the need to get rid of the arbitrariness of subjective assessments that have caused and are detrimental to the progressive movement of society, as well as the need to use the results obtained in machine control systems. In machine systems this will allow to compare various options for the proposed solutions for compliance with the objective laws of conservation and historical development of society. The authors are well aware of the extreme complexity of the questions posed. To a large extent, they can only be solved by the joint efforts of representatives of the social, natural, and technical sciences. The need to address these issues is obvious. They are the product of historical development; therefore, life itself sets them up, requiring answers to these questions for its further development. ISBN 978-5-905527-36-4

Keywords: sustainable development., the system of laws, the laws of nature, biosphere; the evolution of life, noosphere, social changes


GENERAL GOAL FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HUMANITY AND THE BIOSPHERE The scientific basis for designing the future. // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2019. – № 1;
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