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Foresight KOZYREV. P.A. Znykin


The story of Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev is a story about a man who lived yesterday, who was our neighbor in the 20th century, whose voice still sounds, and the warmth of shaking his hands is not cold in my hands. This is a story about a scientist. Astrophysics, inventor, researcher. The story of a true Russian intellectual, a philosopher and a sage, as if from the pages of the long-forgotten manuscripts that have stepped into our days. He has a peculiar, only his characteristic deductive - inductive style of thinking.

Keywords: Kozyrev walked the upper path of the wise men - otherwise he did not have time ... In such a heuristic approach, there is the power of Kozyrev’s foresight, and from this, partly, misunderstanding of him in scientific circles - we would all have time for him.


Foresight KOZYREV. P.A. Znykin // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2019. – № 3;
URL: (Date Access: 20.06.2024).

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