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mirrors trump-memorandum


It is NOT POSSIBLE to create "Mirrors" without coordination with the patent holders or authors of these inventions who have all copyrights and many years of experience in their use, safe for human health. It is important to remember that only according to the drawings and drawings it is IMPOSSIBLE to construct real working Kozyrev devices. It is unacceptable to create "Mirrors" without clear philosophical and moral positions and proper goal-setting for their use, this is not a toy or attraction, but a very delicate scientific tool for studying the cosmic consciousness of man, developing his cosmophilic properties that form the neo-noosphere of the whole humanity.

Keywords: Onoprienko, trofimov, memorandum, human health, safety, copyright, patent, MNIIK, Mirrors "Kozyrev", Kaznacheyev, Kozyrev


mirrors trump-memorandum // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2019. – № 4;
URL: (Date Access: 14.06.2024).

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