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Base positions of physics of the Universe.


Annotation. The review of the basic positions of physics of the Universe is presented in the article. In addition to the representations of "Cosmological Physics" which have been published earlier, it is considered the description of basic Levels of the Universe, as well such representations as: the Informational Field of the Universe, ether and vacuum, time, energy, space, informational potential. The list of types of interactions in the Universe have been complemented by "informational interactions". The dynamics of structure of atoms is analyzed from positions of concordance of informational potentials of their elements, besides it is considered the natural and pointed radio-activity. The function of gamma-radiation is explained in realization of transfer of information in the Universe and transformation of the properties of matter. It is examined the representation about informational solitone and its meaningfulness for the questions of safety of work of atomic stations. The examples of managing by radioactive process are presented.

Keywords: informative solitone., gamma-radiation, radio-activity, "informational interactions", interactions in the Universe, informational potential, Space, Energy, Time, Informational Field of The Universe, Keywords: Structure of Levels of the Universe


Base positions of physics of the Universe. // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2019. – № 4;
URL: (Date Access: 19.06.2024).

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