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The prohibition of immortality/Biological-philosophical essay on the theme of eternal life


Gurtovtsev Arkady Lazarevich. The prohibition of immortality / Biological-philosophical essay on the theme of eternal life. - Minsk, online edition (electronic resource), 2019. - 15 pages (A4 format) The paper investigates the issues of life expectancy of plants, animals and humans from the systemic, philosophical and General biological positions. The statistics for the last 17 thousand years on the growth of the world population are given, the reasons for the growth are explained. The processes of human population change in the countries of the world are analyzed. The species and individual, average and maximum life expectancy of different organisms in the kingdoms of plants and animals are compared. It is concluded that there is a fundamental law in nature that prohibits immortality for any material objects, including living organisms and, in particular, humans. The philosophical, materialistic, dialectical substantiation of this law is given. Two examples of hypothetical immortality of organisms (infusoria and human) are calculated, their possible consequences are determined. This popular science work is intended for high school students, students of natural Sciences and Humanities, as well as for all interested persons seeking to comprehend and understand their own lives in the global context of the development of human civilization and wildlife.

Keywords: living organism, plant Kingdom, animal Kingdom, civilization, population, mortality, fertility, natural population growth (IPN), eternity, immortality, life expectancy (SPM), the maximum life span (MLS), superdigital, matter, nature, evolution, the fundamental law of nature.


The prohibition of immortality/Biological-philosophical essay on the theme of eternal life // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2019. – № 4;
URL: (Date Access: 23.06.2024).

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