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Sal Rachel - Founders´ Messages (Book 2)


The founders said that they come to Earth only in the transitional period before the main space cycles. In their messages, they enter into details concerning the cycles - when they occur, how and why. The founders declare that the purpose of this information is to help mankind prepare for rapidly advancing times. Based on what we see around, and the changes taking place within us, we are already in the time predicted by them. The founders often remind the reader that this is not an easy process. Presented ideas and concepts are difficult to explain using the limited vocabulary of the Earth´s languages. Most of the material can be absorbed at the energy level, even if it is difficult to understand by the mind. Reading this material, pay attention to the energy level of your body and notice what impressions you get "between the lines." Note: Unless otherwise stated, all the years refer to our era. Enjoy the wisdom and enlightenment of the Founders. Many blessings, Sal Rachel

Keywords: Sal Rachel "Messages of the Founders" # levels of consciousness # embodiment # measurement # multidimensionality # multidimensional_ nature # vibration level # vibrational_frequency # perception # emotions # emotional_body # source # consciousness


Sal Rachel - Founders´ Messages (Book 2) // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2018. – № 1;
URL: (Date Access: 20.06.2024).

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