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Atlas of temporal variations of natural, anthropogenic and social processes.


The Atlases of temporal variations is the collections, where actual data, that proceed in various natural and social spheres. are located, the results of processing of available time series and their interpretation are given. We strive to make the feasible contribution to the approach to two basic goals. The first goal is scientific, it is to determine unknown laws of nature and social process in various spatial and temporal scales. The second one is practical; it is to preserve the mankind and generally biosphere, to provide the sustainable development of Russia. The material is represented in basic as time series and results of processing with the use of the time-spectral analysis. Practically, all of the considered processes are non-stationary. The response on exterior actions of similar objects at the same time intervals appears to be various. The response on exterior actions of the same objects but at different times can also be different, including non-linear reaction. Ideas of the complex geodynamic, ecological, social and medical monitoring in the Atlas are given and substantiated with the purpose of population health normalization, social and demographic situation improvement´ in Russia, the creation of more right strategy of nature use. The Atlas is intended for researchers, practical ecologists and readers interested in evolution of the nature and the society.

Keywords: Atlas of temporal variations of natural, anthropogenic and social processes.