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The fate of civilization. The Way of Reason


Moiseyev Nikita Nikolaevich, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, one of the founders and president of the International Independent Ecological and Political University, continues panoramic and systematic from the standpoint of modern limited rationality to disclose the logic of Nature and the logic of history in their difficult ascent to Mind. The dignity of the book lies in its exclusive accessibility to the style of presentation for any reader interested in the destinies of mankind thanks to the popularly popular form of presenting very complicated natural-science and humanitarian concepts that allow not only to deeply comprehend the past, but also to look into the future. The book will undoubtedly be useful not only to students and professionals in the field of environmental education, but also to wide sections of readers who are thinking about what awaits us and future generations in the near and distant future of the evolution of life on the planet Earth.

Keywords: The fate of civilization. The Way of Reason


The fate of civilization. The Way of Reason // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2017. – № 1;
URL: (Date Access: 19.06.2024).

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