Scientific Journal

‘илософские науки
Scientists, like all science, should not be slaves to their own or others mistakes


Abstract. It is shown that the modern crisis in all spheres of human activity, is associated with incorrect practice of the proliferation of laws created by man, to the entire Universe. So the usual argument when asking the views of the two speakers (the dialectic) has acquired the meaning of the world struggle between two opposites in their unity on a Universal scale. Religion says the end of the world, and the physics formulates the second law of thermodynamics, spreading the law of increasing entropy in a thermally insulated system upon all the world, she mistakenly predicting a heat death, not realizing that in nature there is nowhere a thermally insulated systems. A scientist should not be a slave to their own or others mistakes. The article shows the method of error-correction to modern worldview.

Keywords: Keywords: life, reproduction of the genome, Love, thinking, Creation