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Unconditional base income [1] (unconditional basic income [2] [3], AML)


Unconditional basic income [1] (unconditional basic income [2] [3], AML) is a social concept that involves the regular payment of a certain amount of money to each member of a certain community by the state or another institution. Payments are made to all members of the community, regardless of income level and without the need to perform work. The experiment on the introduction of unconditional basic income since January 1, 2017 takes place in Finland [⇨], an experiment is planned in Canada [1].

Keywords: BIEN, Basic Income Earth Network


Unconditional base income [1] (unconditional basic income [2] [3], AML) // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2017. – № 4;
URL: (Date Access: 19.06.2024).

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