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Sultanmurat E. Transformation of the World - Transformation of the World - Transformation of the World С89 - Almaty, "Civilization", 2002. - 416 p. ISBN 9965 - 01 - 844 - 8 The book will acquaint readers with a new concept of the transformation of the world aimed at creating a universal system of fair and humane relations both horizontally - between people, between countries, and vertically - from each person to the international level - to the UN. If this concept is aimed at creating a harmonious world, then the concept of transforming the economy into a two-factor market model offers an economic basis that must be decisive in such a society of the future. Thus, both concepts included in this book, in principle, are part of a single holistic approach to the transformation of the world. The key to the practical implementation of concepts during the first decades of the coming century, especially the two-factor model of the economy, is that the latter has already become a real component of the economy in many countries of the world. And economic transformation, this is the beginning of transformations of the whole society. All rights belong to Ermentay Sultanmurat 2000. C 0601000000 00 (05) - 01 Sultanmurat E., 2002 All rights reserved.

Keywords: Transformation of the World - Әлемді трансформациялау


TRANSFORMATION OF THE WORLD // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2017. – № 5;
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