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Online conference on the Noosphere Code


2017 is declared a year of ecology in Russia, which can promote a new scientific view of the Biosphere and Noosphere at the legislative level. Until now, there is no unambiguous interpretation of the Noosphere in the scientific community, but there are practically no discrepancies in understanding the role of man, his organic interweaving in the living tissue of the Biosphere, which allows us to formally formulate the subject rights of Nature, to register the relations of Nature and the state, Nature and man, To outline common approaches to such a device of the state that meets a new view of the Biosphere.

Keywords: Online conference on the Noosphere Code


Online conference on the Noosphere Code // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2017. – № 6;
URL: (Date Access: 24.06.2024).

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