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What is this book? - About life as the unity of creativity, health and harmony, which is part of the unity of the higher level - unity of life, creativity, health and harmony, due to the fact that any Genesis, and any progressive evolution - Creative HN, and that creativity is an expression special universal evolutionism, which may be called space-noosphere and one-temporarily - sistemogneneticheskoy and spiral cyclic. This I dedicated a series of his works over the past nearly four decades of his artistic life, the key category-mi names which are the words "creativity", "creative ontology-ogy", "sistemogenetika", "metaklassifikatsiya or metataksonomiya", "cycle" "systemology", "systemic ontology", "health", "Garm-tion", "quality of life" and others. All of these words will find their disclosure in this work.

Keywords: Kosmozhiznetvorenie life-giving space Life is a unity of creativity, health and harmony


Kosmozhiznetvorenie // Ноосфера. Общество. Человек. – 2016. – № 3;
URL: (Date Access: 14.06.2024).

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